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The Sunset Plays is a collection of three short one-act plays follows nine high school seniors struggling with their impending futures while navigating family, friends, love, and the world around them. Each play features three characters following classic coming-of-age moments of inevitable change set in a dreamlike nostalgic neighborhood field at sunset. The play is written gender-neutral to go beyond conventional casting and allow actors to connect with individual characters. The piece explores the complexities of communication found in silences and subtext, everyday tragedies, teen suicide, and the underlying emotions.

Written by HARP General Manager Kayla Michelle Williams and under the direction of Colleen Bowes, the cast of The Sunset Plays includes  Conner Hefner as Jess, Al Groppi as Adrian, Ajé Brown as Charlie, Craig Long as Cameron, Bradley Stein as Sam, Jake Banasiewicz as Morgan, Amelia Sorensen as Drew, Annie Connolly as Logan, and Matthew Bump as Quinn. The play will also feature Intimacy Direction by Katie Haan and Original Music by Quenton Ellis.

The Sunset Plays will benefit The Last Prisoner Project, and will premiere

at the Dramatists Guild Foundation on October 1st and 2nd.

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BLOOD/SWEAT/TEARS is a horror movie, inside of a musical, inside of a play about Ginny (and her movie and musical counterparts – the show is triple cast across the worlds) – Ginny is a bookwriter & lyricist, who’s fighting to get the final draft of her musical script approved to go into rehearsals. But as Ginny’s creative team insists on changes, she begins rewrites that drastically impact the plot of the musical and therefore the horror movie. Turning a story that should be one of determination and success into a disturbing tale about survival, as reality and fiction begin to blur during Ginny’s final evaluation. BLOOD/SWEAT/TEARS

is like if Inception and Whiplash had a baby – and that

baby sang like 50% of the time.


Written by Ali Keller, BLOOD/SWEAT/TEARS features original music by Emily Rose Simons under the direction of Rebecca Aparicio. The cast of BLOOD/SWEAT/TEARS includes Lisa Purrone*, Haley Hoffmeister,

Ellis Charles Hoffmeister, Allyson Pace*, Rodrigo Ignacio Cruz*,

Michael Murray*, Arjun Dhawan & Georgia Waehler.

*Denotes member of Actors Equity Association


GROUP is a contemporary piece that explores the depth and intricacies of group therapy, more specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic when the intimate practice is thrust into the virtual realm. The show follows a handful of adults and their ‘fearless’ therapist, whose tactics are somewhat questionable. As her clients' stories unfold, so do her own. Written by Shelby Solla and Keira McGill, GROUP is a laugh-out-loud comedy that highlights the importance of accessible pathways to finding help.


Under the direction of Sarah Rosenthal, the cast of GROUP includes Jamie Green as Simon, Melissa Aquiles as Izzie, Ned Parker as Morgan, Macarena Ramos as Beth, Bryce Valle as Jordan, and Jodi Beck as Selma, with stage management by Kayla Michelle Williams.

The Yellow Wallpaper

New England, 1893. Charlotte, a new mother suffering from a postpartum disorder, is placed in medical isolation, where she grapples with her family’s expectations and being separated from her baby – until one night she realizes she’s not alone… The Yellow Wallpaper is a musical retelling of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s classic feminist short story, written in isolation under the spectre of COVID-19.

Under the direction of Max Mackay, the cast of

The Yellow Wallpaper includes Mason McDowell as John, Hannah Fernandes as Mary, and Vaibu Mohan as Charlotte. Stage management by Kayla Williams and Video Editing by KC Harris.

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Death And Taxes

In 18th century France, Death and Taxes tells the story of a noblewoman, a philanthropist, and a local goat farmer that turn lunch into something much deadlier. Maybe the real revolution was the friends we killed along the way!


Death and Taxes features a book & lyrics by Clare Bierman and music by Brooke Trumm. Under the direction of Maggie Monahan (Asst. Director Escape to Margaritaville Nat’l Tour), the cast of Death and Taxes includes Hannah Fernandes as Pantina, Abigail Rosen as Janelle and Grace Bobber as Ivy, with stage directions read by Ali Regan. Stage Management by Kayla Williams.

The TikTok Cabaret

Inspired by the short-form social media platform that defined the year 2020, The TikTok Cabaret showcases numbers that originated on or trended on the TikTok app. This virtual cabaret features a compilation of performances that will make you say "yes queen", laugh out loud, and go 👁👄👁.

The TikTok Cabaret features Gary Lumpkin, Cheylan Harris, Brittany Velotta, Jenna Rich,  Rikki Ziegelman, Ann Brownlow, Taylor Newsom, Cody Ayrer, Victoria Gullo, Alphonse Gonzales, Lara Allison and Liz Davis.

COOTIES: A Virtual Play Reading

A fast-paced-sitcom-romcom variety show about truly ugly love, Cooties by Alexandra Walker examines all the things we’d rather not talk about when it comes to sex, love, and happiness. In a crummy college apartment, three crummy relationships blossom into something less crummy. The play centers around six individuals in college navigating their way through the trials and tribulations of life, and more importantly- sex.

Cooties premiered in July of 2020 via livestream.

SUMMER STUCK: A Virtual Cabaret

SUMMER STUCK is a virtual cabaret in which individuals perform songs from or inspired by productions affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The cabaret showcases individuals who have had contracts, productions, concerts, or other gigs cancelled or postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19.


SUMMER STUCK premiered in July of 2020 via livestream.


A Devised Song Cycle

THE LADY POWER PROJECT is a devised song cycle driven by music and centered around intersectional feminism. The show features original music inspired by a series of images, paintings, and passages that represent and share the stories of womxn.


THE LADY POWER PROJECT, which premiered in October of 2019 at Dixon Place in New York City, was conceived by Rikki Ziegelman and produced by HARP Theatricals. The production was directed under the leadership of Colleen Bowes, with original music by Quenton Ellis, Savannah Occhiogrosso and Riiza.

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EVELYN: A New Musical

Based on the iconic photo published in the New York Times titled "The Most Beautiful Suicide," EVELYN follows the life of Evelyn McHale, who tragically took her life by jumping off of the Empire State Building in 1947. Both heart wrenching and heart warming, EVELYN touches upon themes of feminism, family, and sexuality- while also carefully depicting the cautious affects of mental illness in the 1940's.

EVELYN, which premiered in November of 2018 at Dixon Place in New York City, was written by book writer, lyricist and composer Quenton Ellis, and directed by Heather Bildman. 



The cast and creative team of EVELYN present a one night only cabaret at Don't Tell Mama in New York City in October of 2018 to raise funds for their production at Dixon Place and to benefit The Trevor Project. The cabaret will features your favorite current pop songs with a 1940's twist. Hosted by producers Rikki Ziegelman & Hayden Anderson


Check out some photos & videos from our past productions, as well as the original cast recording for the Off-Broadway production of Evelyn: A New Musical!


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