GROUP is a contemporary piece that explores the depth and intricacies of group therapy, more specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic when the intimate practice is thrust into the virtual realm. The show follows a handful of adults and their ‘fearless’ therapist, whose tactics are somewhat questionable. As her clients' stories unfold, so do her own. Written by Shelby Solla and Keira McGill, GROUP is a laugh-out-loud comedy that highlights the importance of accessible pathways to finding help.


The reading will premiere live via YouTube on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 at 8:00PM EST and run approximately 45 minutes. Under the direction of Sarah Rosenthal, the cast of GROUP includes Jamie Green as Simon, Melissa Aquiles as Izzie, Ned Parker as Morgan, Macarena Ramos as Beth, Bryce Valle as Jordan, and Jodi Beck as Selma, with stage management by Kayla Michelle Williams.