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The Sunset Plays is a collection of three short one-act plays follows nine high school seniors struggling with their impending futures while navigating family, friends, love, and the world around them. Each play features three characters following classic coming-of-age moments of inevitable change set in a dreamlike nostalgic neighborhood field at sunset. The play is written gender-neutral to go beyond conventional casting and allow actors to connect with individual characters. The piece explores the complexities of communication found in silences and subtext, everyday tragedies, teen suicide, and the underlying emotions.

Written by HARP General Manager Kayla Michelle Williams and under the direction of Colleen Bowes, the cast of The Sunset Plays includes  Conner Hefner as Jess, Al Groppi as Adrian, Ajé Brown as Charlie, Craig Long as Cameron, Bradley Stein as Sam, Jake Banasiewicz as Morgan, Amelia Sorensen as Drew, Annie Connolly as Logan, and Matthew Bump as Quinn. The play will also feature Intimacy Direction by Katie Haan and Original Music by Quenton Ellis.

The Sunset Plays will benefit The Last Prisoner Project, and will premiere

at the Dramatists Guild Foundation on October 1st and 2nd.

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